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The Incessant

by Meat Wave

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To Be Swayed 01:50
To be swayed / When seeming good and being so are distant relatives to never meet / To be swayed / when your emotions undulate like the tide upon the beach / To be swayed / When a mind’s so corrupt recognizes liberation for deceit / To be swayed / when alone for just one second sink to the basement of the sea, yeah / Burnt them down / every house / To be swayed this way it ain’t for a rouse / Cutting thread / And out it bled / So strange the day you’re swayed it all breaks down / down / To be swayed / Each day try to relocate but the cowardice will prevail / To be swayed /Each day try to compensate for a life lived that wasn’t real / To be swayed / The way that the tiger preys from behind, the moment you turn / The eternal acceptance, the more you failed the more you learned, yeah / Burnt them down / Every house / To be swayed this way it ain’t for a rouse / Cutting thread / And out it bled So strange the day you’re swayed
Tomosaki 01:53
Entranced by the mist of life / does he sense I've gone awry / my guy / let him roam outside / meditate on his afterlife / why die / deep sigh / sneeze slime / I love you / be fearless mind the gap however big / be frugal bide your time forever sing / be regal sit upright and never leave / now run and cease answering to me
Run You Out 02:05
No conversation / fading neon light / a forever cloying tingle of the spine / limping selfish fight clinging to a lie / with a permanence that will never die / never gave a net before the fall / entertain the fear / won't give you a before the fall / but just run you out / Gonna run you out / When the sun peers in / the morning's new / face lit up / own cocoon / distant time / distant room / who knew I'd just run you out / Gonna run you out
On my leopard print jet ski / Finally free / On my leopard print jet ski / I get away / Rid of the land / Sun on my hand / Fairweather plan / I’m off / And I’m looking the other way / On life and leisure and what’s true / And to stare it in the face / Makes me feel terror / And that’s not good / If i find an island in the sun / Will I share with the one I love / On my leopard print jet ski
Bad Man 03:46
Two faces on one head / a jinxing speech / miming little shrew / just too weak / belly hides the shriek / no instinct / before he bit the dust remarked the truth will set you free / but I'm a bad man / feline sprinting away / eyeballs grow wide he's afraid / all right / if you want me to say it right / why don't you say it / doomed / lap up the milk from the bowl / the sour's sweet and you know it / like a lake as your brain / felt insane / tried to tread got exhausted then sank / got a splinter upon sprinting away / what a shame, all the same / shaking the hand of my future self / pinch on the shoulder and a whisper "oh well” / placeholder sentiment us humans exchange / future Chris is now running away / all the same, what a shame / ending up in the exact same place / cracking code trying to understand, best I can / why I'm a bad man
No Light 04:37
Living in another realm of time / awaiting great friends barking "you're a fraud" / until that minute the stomach rots / all that dancing in the wind was deliberate / or the opposite / In the sun­scented light / felt the eye / begin to burn / lost all sight / I'm still blind / how to see if the spots never subside / and I got it bad / I know you'd hate to hear it / soon as I see the light I know the dark is coming / you've got it bad / you know I loathe to hear it / your canvas blank / forgotten painting / in the sun­scented light / felt the mind / begin to turn / masking eye / I'm still blind / how to see if the spots never subside
Glass Teeth 04:00
Seems to start from the bottom / all sense is lost / illusionist with the glass teeth / afraid they'll break on me / so I don't show em off / I'm mr. know­it­all / why would i ever talk / await obey the things I think / i’m wrong / I'm in the Parthenon / Greek god of doin harm / from now until forever / I’ll talk / I’ll talk / I’ll walk into the fire / Burn all i can’t unsee / dehydrate the toxic / or whatever will make me free / Now I’m a chatterbox / teeth break & sprain my tongue / why can't I just shut up / and await obey the things you think / I'm on / The beat of a different drum / can't even tap along / from now until forever / I’m off
Prison factory / Zoning committee / Refuse to pay all fees & loans / Could always say I didn't know / The banal sensation of following a dream / The realization it wasn't what it seemed / Making eye contact with a dog / Could always say It’s not my fault / The incessant / Payment's due / The incessant / The feelings moved / The incessant / What anxious doom / The incessant / Coming for you / What's the worst thing you've ever done? / sent both years apart to the hospital / lost, aimless or confused? / In every aspect I'm unsure of what I'm doing / Are you scared? Are you alone? / In the shadow of dross, gazing on as I moan / Through the imminent unease / the incessant, when a sentence makes you queasy / the incessant / payment’s due / the incessant / series of tubes / the incessant / the cop just shoots / the incessant / it’s coming for you
At The Lake 01:15
Needed to sleep above the worms / the rain it poured upon our world / total gradual detox / high as hell on the detox / saw an eagle in the sky / never saw one in my life return to the redux / and inch closer to freedom / Simplify / Magnify / links in life / all the light / all the worth / pain and hurt / juice the fruit yeah you came to work / needed to sleep above the worms / needed to see if it still worked / and by it I mean my brain / and my brain I mean my dick / and by dick i mean my id / in my id I'm still a kid / why won't it just let me exist / tell the truth and bounce in bliss / but as I sit down at the lake / I know that you and few exist / and as we finally depart / let's hope we never leave the mist
Mask 00:49
As a child / Wait and sit / Being pulled in every direction / By the mask / By the mask / Yeah / Adult man / Smooth hand / Take advantage whenever i can / With the mask / With the mask / Yeah / Now it moves with me / It helps me breathe / It makes me see what i want it to / Can’t take it off / It haunts the self / Defined & supplied / By the mask
Birdland 04:25
Bring me back to Birdland / Hunting island dream / Malick wind cuts torso / Tilt my head back and hum / Age of innocence / Cafeteria bucks / Knee deep movie mushroom / Hiking on the bluffs / Can't go back to Birdland / When life is one regret / can’t go back to Birdland / Nothing makes any sense / I could try to live through love / Why can’t I live through love / Fluid satisfaction / Cat hair stuck in the rug / Down into the valley / surrounded by the scum / no point in climbing out / When you've hurt everyone you love / Bring me back to Birdland / i can be the monk / what’s the point of existence / if not through truth or love
Synthetic / Try to get it / I don't need it / All fear / Is to be nurtured like a child / & all shame / Is to be crystallized / Incessant / Tried to see it / Ended eaten / Though now fear couldn't blanket me / No hand / Discriminates the other / Here's to killing / The incessant / I don't need it / Here's to killing / The incessant is defeated / The incessant


Recorded by Steve Albini


released February 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Meat Wave Chicago, Illinois


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