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by Meat Wave

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Brother 01:45
i guess you thought that you could hide you were the easiest one to find i guess you thought that you could run you were slower than everyone selling shit that you can't buy why would you even try playing games that you can't win try to breathe without oxygen i guess you thought that you were smart but what sets you apart i guess you thought that you were strong then why the hell would it take so long you're not my brother you're just another mother fucker's brother i guess you thought that you could hide
Sham King 02:42
what's steven doing sitting, peering out the window what sort of legacy to leave when powered by an ego i hoist your chair you know i'm there until you're dropped left to your best estimate of why your entire world stopped living in a sham king's dream get me out seeing what the sham king sees what's steven doing now that i have finally left home unable to discern his own message to the people i pity persons picked to plug the hole of a dam so poorly built in days disassembled out of touch with a bunch who feed on intolerance eat it up regurgitate and watch me feed from your gullet it's cool
Sunlight 04:06
sunlight conflicted rays some applaud the backs of vacationers marshmallow gold others crowd necks soon disappear a moment's memo mention message that a day has passed and it passes right through me it discovers the new me at least the one i want to be the one i've wanted you to see not jaded and faded unfazed and unrelated how to re-begin in the garden in which i was born sunlight you let it all wash away sunlight then it all washed away harvest sunlight in my mouth until the sun comes out
frozen brain and absent minded your thoughts so eloquently guided i'll be the passage you can write in yeah, it's not alright persuading your brain to dissolve this plight bumbled muddled crushed defeated even when you had all the reasons i can be something you believe in yeah, it's not alright persuading your brain to dissolve this plight i'm sleeping in the bed that's been haunting you the more your nightmares bloom it seems the less i do how can i turn your days into a constant dream when all that you wish is all that it seems i know i'd like to think its nice but it's not alright it seems you always pay the price and it's not alright
Mystery 01:44
The Truth 02:29
learning the truth it's all you have to do the truth but how'd it come to you there's proof in your brain the thoughts they moved tangled cords that wont come loose the noose you can wonder you're wonderful yeah i wonder if i ever knew the truth at all but then i remember it doesn't really matter all that really matters is i know everything i need at least the truth before you spoke it strangled you now do whatever you were sent here to i'm moved you're a star child fucking indigo i'm blue why save the basic hue
invader crawl out of the opening so bothered by the moving things they graze my floor the cattle to my farmer so then i carry out the genocide watch and wait for them to die enthralled and impassioned to the point where it's alarming i've got ants i pay the rent powerless wave of the hand and kill the colony blood it passes through my arteries my brain is drunk on a newfound sense of honor go to sleep to dream the mound is mine the queen is crawling back to die a restful sleep is all i've ever wanted


released January 19, 2015


all rights reserved



Meat Wave Chicago, Illinois


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